City Website

In 2021, Electric Citizen was selected to migrate and redesign the websites for the City of Santa Barbara, CA.

My primary role was to lead the design phase of the project, while also participating in various planning and discovery exercises (sitemap, user workshops, strategic brief). I also led a workshop around privacy experience.

For the design phase, I began with a handoff of content strategy work, and went into a series of wireframes for key site pages and content types. Design work begin with a series of "style tiles" (short mockups of varying style and tone) to begin the conversation. From there, I moved into full design boards and design components. A new design system was defined, built upon existing client branding but updated to the web.

After establishing a new overall look and feel to design components, I then generated a series of page mockups for each wireframe. This process continued for 3 additional subsites, all with varying degrees of style variations. Finally, design specs that were handed off to our dev team to built out the site.

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